SHOW NOTES: Episode 113 – Lessons I learned from taking a social media break

Hey my boos! Today I am chatting with you about the lessons I learned from taking a social media break. Not long ago, I took 26 days off from social media and today I am sharing with you the things I learned while taking a social media break.

First and foremost, I learned that my business will not implode if I don’t make a post on social media. I continued to get followers and grow during this time even when I wasn’t posting. If you are feeling like your business will not thrive if you take a social media break, I am here to tell you – it won’t. Try to create binge-worthy content so that others can go back and see those posts. Free yourself from posting just to post. It is more important to have content that speaks to your audience, not posting just to get something out there.

The other lessons I learned during this break:

  • I have a strong community and followers who checked in on me and I’m thankful for that.
  • Learned other platforms – like LinkedIn
  • Got clear on my vision and direction of my business. I will be doing another “Aligned Life” mastermind
  • Learned to have fun again! I didn’t just live a life that’s “post-worthy”.
  • Learned to enjoy what I already have. I celebrated milestones in my business.
  • Took the time to focus on the parts of my business that are sustainable for the life I want.
  • Was able to see how this can be a possibility again and how I can build a team that has my back.
  • I trusted God in this season!
  • Pulled my emotions out of my business and was able to clearly see my business.

I learned so many things during my social media break. Be sure to tune in to hear it all and if you’re thinking about taking a social media break, listen to this episode and remember that it is okay to take a break!


  • The lessons I learned while taking a social media break



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