6 Reasons Why You Need To Join A Mastermind Group

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Let’s talk about Masterminds!

Being in a mastermind has been my FAVORITE and most transformational coaching experience I’ve ever had, and as a coach for my own masterminds, they are easily one of my favorite programs.

(Ok, ok all my programs are my favorite, but I really love the depth I’m able to serve inside my masterminds.)

Read on to answer the question: should I join a mastermind and when you should join one!

What Is A Mastermind?

A mastermind is a small group of people that come together led by a coach or facilitator for group coaching.

However, masterminds are a way more intimate setting than a group coaching program. Masterminds also usually have requirements in order to join them like income level, industry, business level, and more.

Every mastermind looks different.

Some only last a weekend, while others last a year or even longer. Some masterminds have a coach that teaches a curriculum, while others do hot seat coaching where everyone in the group also coaches the person in the hot seat.

My mastermind style (in the Sustainably Scaling Mastermind) is a hybrid of the two – I teach a curriculum AND hot seat coach with 1:1 coaching access as well!

Is A Mastermind Right For You?

Not every mastermind is right for every person. Additionally, you need to make sure you are in the right place in your business to get the most out of a mastermind if you choose to join one.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind if you want to join a mastermind, but aren’t sure if you it’s right for you.

1. As a service provider or coach you should understand the basics of your business before joining a mastermind.

Who do you serve? What do you do? Who is your ideal client? What is your process or framework for how you deliver? What are the results of your offers? You don’t have to know all this perfectly, but you should have a fundamental and intimate understanding of your business.

2. Are you clear on the result of the mastermind, and is it in line with what you currently need?

Investing is serious business. If you’re going to invest thousands of dollars you need to clearly understand what you’re joining and look at your business today and what you want it to be. Does the mastermind support where you’re going and is it going to solve a current issue or gap in your business? If not, consider investing your money elsewhere.

3. Know what you specifically want to leave the mastermind having accomplished.

Masterminds aren’t like group programs where there’s one specific end result. While many people say their mastermind helps you accomplish one goal – there are so many ways the goal can be achieved and micro goals that you can hit that may be even more important than the one big thing.

Whenever I’ve entered a mastermind, I always set the intention of “this is what I need to leave this space with for it to be a success.” This way I have a tangible goal for my time in the mastermind.

Inside the Sustainably Scaling Mastermind there are tons of goals I can help you accomplish from navigating the mindset drama of a six figure and multiple six figure business to optimizing your funnel and operating as a leader.

While as a group we will cover all those topics when you enter this space I want you to intentionally set 3 goals that you want to leave having accomplished. If you don’t know what you specifically need help with then think of that first before joining a mastermind

When Should You Join A Mastermind?

Don’t just join a mastermind because you think it’s the “next step” you have to accomplish in your business! Really think about if it’s the right fit for you.

If you are looking for these three things, it is probably the right time for you to join a mastermind:

1. You’re looking for personalization and accountability.

Group programs and courses are great for education and many programs build in accountability; HOWEVER, masterminds are a high touch experience where you get my eyes on your business for an extended period of time.

People sleep on the value of this, but having someone in your back pocket that knows your business intimately and can guide you with SPECIFICS on what you should do next is invaluable.

Masterminds are for people who want to be held accountable and want someone to call them on their ish.

2. You want to be surrounded by people on the SAME level as you.

Again group programs and courses can have any and everybody in them.

Masterminds are designed to be next level and as a coach my job is to create a space where members in the mastermind are challenged by each other, but there isn’t anyone that’s behind or so far ahead of the rest of the group.

A common thing I hear from my mastermind students is how you want to make friends and build community with women that are in the same stage of business as you. That’s what you’ll find in a mastermind. It’s designed to put you in a curated community with like-minded individuals.

3. You want to learn and have behind the scenes access to your coach.

A perk of being in a mastermind is having access to the behind the scenes of someones business that you like.

The last mastermind I joined, I joined it because she was a mom of 3 and I wanted to intimately see the BTS of how she was running her business with her kids. I wanted to be able to ask specific questions and get advice for my own situation since I was pregnant at the time.

The mastermind I joined prior to that I wanted to see how she basically doubled her revenue year after year. I wanted to understand her strategy for it and to tap into the energy of someone that scaled at that level.

Masterminds put you in the room with high performers and give you access to the BTS that you don’t get inside a group program or course.

There are so many reasons why I have enjoyed being in and hosting masterminds. I don’t think there is a better space to be in than a mastermind because you get community and 1:1 access. It’s literally a two-for-one deal in my eyes and worth every penny when you set your intentions up front.

The Sustainably Scaling Mastermind

Applications are open for my mastermind the Sustainably Scaling Mastermind. I’ve been running this mastermind for the last 3 years with different names and themes. The first year the theme was profit. Year two the theme was Alignment. Year three the theme was CEO Embodiment. This year the focus is Scaling in a Sustainable way.

Each year has built on the last and my curriculum (because I teach and coach in this space) keeps getting better and better. This mastermind will run from July to December and will focus on creating systems and strategies to streamline your business, accelerate your growth, and collapse the time it takes to hit your next level business goals – all in alignment with your lifestyle.

To sustainably scale we are optimizing your systems, processes, and people involved in the growth of your business. This allows you to shorten (collapse) the amount of time it takes to reach your six figure (or multiple six figure) goals and live the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

In this space we focus on simplifying your business so that you can grow rapidly without doing all the things.

I know all that sounded bomb, I know you want to scale your business to high five figures, six figures, or even multiple six figures so – if you’ve made at least $50K in the last 12 months and you’re nodding your head at all the things I mentioned early about if you should join a mastermind then I invite you to apply!


Welp, that’s it! Thanks for hanging with me and don’t forget to apply for the Sustainably Scaling Mastermind!


  • What a mastermind is, and how you know when it’s time for you to join one!



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