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How to protect your space as an entrepreneur

Hey, boo, hey! Today I want to talk about how you can protect your space as an entrepreneur. As CEOs of our company, it is so important that we save our time and energy for when we it with our family or business so it’s so important to set boundaries in our business and our personal lives.

It’s one thing to say we have boundaries, but an entirely different thing to actually enforce those boundaries. We should be as proactive as we can about setting that tone for our business, so today I wanted to share the 6 ways that I have found that will allow you to protect your space, save your energy, and set those boundaries as an entrepreneur and CEO of your company!

1. Being honest and having hard conversations

  • I have had to have real and honest conversations with everyone, including biz besties and have had to set the boundary that I am not available 24/7. I have even had to let go of friendships after having these hard conversations. 
  • Remember you don’t have to apologize for setting a boundary. Don’t be mean about it and be sure that you are coming to someone with love and honesty, but setting a boundary that you need for your mental health and for the well-being of your family and business is nothing to apologize for.

2. Talk about money.

  • In the online space, if you aren’t making 10K months, no one wants to talk about. If you are making 10K months, no one wants to talk about it. 
  • Here’s the thing: because we don’t talk about money, we don’t know what resources are ut there and what is possible and available for us.
  • I do not hide my prices because if you know how much I charge, that will allow you to charge similar so it is so important to have these conversations about money.
  • Something that I have found as a black woman, I am often paid less compared to my white counterparts. If I didn’t talk about, I would have never known. It’s important to not shy away from talking about these things.

3. Say no without the possibility of coming back to it in the future.

  • Remember “no” is a complete sentence.
  • I used to say “not right now” but that opens the door for people to ask again. It is important that we are loving when we say “no” but important that we are firm in that “no”.
  • You can give an explanation if you want BUT the explanation shouldn’t open the door for someone to ask you again in the future. No is no. 

4. Not being passive-aggressive

  • When we say things like, “maybe” when we really don’t want to do something, or flip it back on ourselves, we are allowing things to go in a direction that it shouldn’t go.

5. Setting boundaries around communicating with you.

  • In the online business space, our business can interfere with our family lives sometimes, if we let it. 
  • Set boundaries around your business hours and only respond to business related emails or Voxers during your business hours. 
  • It’s also important that we understand other people’s boundaries too – so that even if they don’t enforce it, we can help them enforce it. 

6. Refund people and cancel contracts that don’t serve you.

  • If someone is toxic, stressing you out, causing you to lose sleep – refund their money and cancel that contract.
  • You NEVER need someone’s money when they are stepping on your boundaries.
  • Sometimes just because we cancel a contract or decide not to work with someone, it does’t mean that they are bad or we are bad, sometimes it truly just isn’t the right fit and that’s ok.
  • When thinking about cancelling a contract, be sure that you CAN. Check clauses, check with lawyer and then let them go! 

These are the 6 ways I have found that you can protect your space as an entrepreneur! Be sure to tune in to hear the full explanations.

BecomingCEO Society

Don’t forget, I am opening my doors one last time this year to the BecomingCEO Society and I have added on a lifetime membership to give you even more support. This society is for you if you want to ask questions, get support, refine your boundaries, talk through how to handle tough situations. This society is about making the decision to choose YOU and the decision to create a thriving and successful business without the stress and overwhelm but also to have that support for things that may not seem business related but are. Of course, it is heavy on sales and marketing too! 

Thanks for listening! I am truly grateful for all of my listeners and appreciate your time that you hang out with me each Tuesday! If this episode helped you, leave me a review.


  • The 6 ways we can protect our space as an entrepreneur



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