20 Ways to Save Money in Your 20s

On today’s Finance Friday we are talking about ways to save money in your 20s. As young adults keeping money in our pockets is sometimes tough! So here are 20 ways you can save those coins! Buy groceries and meal…

3 Ways to Lower your Electric Bill in the Summer

I love summer. Time to go to the beach, brunch with the girls, and walks in the park with bae. But I hate how life gets expensive in the summer. Today I am going to share 3 ways to lower…

Hey Boo Hey!

I'm Kay.... a mama building a business. I'm a photographer turned content and digital marketing strategist in Atlanta! I'm the little voice in your head supporting you to go for your dreams of being the best mom, biz owner, or creative you can be! I'll be sharing tips, tricks, and strategies to help you balance motherhood and build a profitable business online!

The Best Advice For College Graduates

When I graduated college, I was so confident in knowing that I would have 5 job offers, move into a nice apartment, and settle down and get married. Boy was I wrong! Here is a little advice for college grads.…

The 4 Best Financial Planning Tools

As you all know, I am on a journey to getting out of debt. It has been sooooo trying but I wanted to share some of my favorite financial planning tools. This isn’t the most appealing or trendy list, but…

10 Random Things About Me

I have come to realize that just because I am on social media and feel like I am “connected” with someone, doesn’t mean I truly know them. I probably can’t tell you most people’s birthdays or favorite color. Even if…


5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making in Undergrad

There are so many mistakes you can make in college, but these 5 should NOT be one of them! Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid making in undergrad. 

Open Letter to My Younger Self – 26 year old musings

Dear Kay,   I am writing you this letter to give you some insight because I know the path that lays ahead of you. Never blame yourself. You are enough and you are worthy. 

5 Podcasts You Must Listen To in 2018

Since the start of 2018 I have been obsessed with podcasts! I am going to share my list of podcasts you must listen to and I hope you check them out!


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I Paid Off $1500 in 3 Months – Quarter 1 Update

I am excited about April because this marks the end of Quarter 1 of my 2018 GET OUT OF DEBT PLAN! 

What Is Your Dream Asking You To Sacrifice

Pulling all-nighters.

Why It Matters to be Financially Responsible In College

As we are “adulting”, personal finances are something that becomes increasingly more important in our lives.


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