Open Letter to My Younger Self – 26 year old musings

Dear Kay,


I am writing you this letter to give you some insight because I know the path that lays ahead of you.

Never blame yourself. You are enough and you are worthy. 

I am sorry you may feel stressed and pressured to follow a path that is not meant for you. I am sorry you feel there is no one there who understands.

Stay faithful. Remember that God is good even in those moments that you lay on the bathroom floor and cry. God is still good.

I understand, and I give you GRACE. Grace to be who you are, how you are, perfectly and wonderfully made.

I want you to know that your FIRST instinct is correct. You are passionate about teaching and serving others and that is what you should do. The path that you will eventually take is going to be hard, but you will definitely figure it out.

It won’t be perfect, but you will make it through.

Kay, I want to remind you to know your worth. The people you date in college are going to prepare you for your life partner so don’t be jaded. Don’t let one bad experience ruin your happily ever after.

Remember that happily ever after is going to take work and dedication and that is ok. Don’t be afraid.

Lastly, I want you to know that it is ok to be multi-passionate. It is ok to like a lot of different things and there is no time-limit on your success. Everything good and pleasing will happen at the right time. Be patient darling and be fearless.

XOXO Kay (26-years old)

PS. On the cruise to the Bahamas, DON’T eat the barracuda. 

xoxo, Kay

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