November 2018 Goals



We’re literally in the home stretch of 2018! There’s still time to be great and put in some serious work!


This month I am scaling it back and trying to focus so I can create some crystal clear goals and systems for 2019!


I’m going to keep it short but my goals for this month are going to be IMPACTFUL for my business! I hope to share these changes in future blog posts, I just have to remember to actually write them. Long story short for the rest of the year I am focusing on scaling my business and really establishing my brand exactly how I want to.


I want to focus on building my social media agency and incorporate my love and passion for photography (through weddings or branded shoots).


My goal is to literally help other creative entrepreneurs GET THE MONEY! Anyway….


November 2018 Goals:

  • $3000 total revenue
  • Post 3 blog posts/week on Mrs.KayH
  • Create Workflows for my businesses
  • Add 2-4 social media clients
  • Grow She’s a Creative FB Group
  • Have 4500 listens on the podcast
  • Write clear goals for 2019
    • Create mission statements and signature programs/packages
  • Take a picture everyday either with my camera or phone


Personal Goals:

  • Be “off” one night a week
  • Exercise 3 times/week


Alright, so tell me your goals for this month!


Let’s get this SCHMONEY!


xoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

2 thoughts on “November 2018 Goals”

  1. I’d like to join you on that photo a day challenge! This month, my goals are to publish a post at least three times a week, at least two videos this month, create a bank of at least 30 photos and start planning the first quarter of 2019.

    1. Yes! Join me on the photo challenge! Honestly until I saw this comment I forgot to take my picture for today! Going to do that now! Good luck on your goals this week! I’ll definitely be reading your blog!

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