My Birth Story

Just wanted to share my birth story with you guys!

The birth of my son didn’t go as planned.

Feel free to watch it instead of reading!

At 35 weeks of pregnancy I found out I had gestational hypertension (high blood pressure).

I had constant high blood pressure readings every time I went to the doctor.

At 37 weeks 6 days, my doctor thought it was best to induce me because my blood pressure was extremely high.

You can watch my story by clicking the link above but essentially, I had to have an emergency c-section because baby King was in distress with every contraction I would have.

My experience with having a c-section was filled with a lot of discovery because I truly didn’t know what to expect. I assumed I was going to have a vaginal birth and I didn’t do any research on cesarean births.

A few things I experienced with my c-section:

  • an epidural (that was not painful)
  • a catheter (also not painful)
  • tugging and pulling during the c-section
  • nauseous after procedure

Overall, I wouldn’t trade my birth story for anything! Watch the video to see all the juicy details! It’s a good story! I may write more later but right now, I’m going to go cuddle with King!

xoxo, Kay

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