My $1000 Week

Oh My Gahhhhhhhhh!


I have had a rough couple of weeks.


I haven’t been checking in with my goals each week like I usually do.


But today, I finally examined my goals and realized.


I made $1000 in a week!


So, where did this $1K come from?


-3 social media clients

-1 photography client

-consistency in posting on social media, my website, and verbally sharing my business with anyone who will listen


My weekly goal is to make $500 but I made DOUBLE!


What the Whaaaaa??! I am so thankful for this as I have been upgrading my photography and business equipment (more details on that later).


One thing I noticed about this month is that I have consistently exceeded my weekly goals!


Sometimes it’s less about micromanaging the big picture and more about focusing on the journey.


I have become so comfortable with focusing on the day to day tasks and enjoying the journey of being an entrepreneur. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it! I know my end goals but I don’t focus on them everyday because it can leave me paralyzed thinking about my big dreams 24/7.


Instead, I focus on the small, insignificant, repetitive tasks that will lead me to a SUSTAINABLE business over time. These are the things that matter!


When I finally looked at my numbers I realized that I am having nearly a 4K month (after taxes) which may not sound like much but just a few months ago I was lucky if I could scrape up money to cover my car note, let alone pay for the gas to put in it!


You have to become clear on what your overall goal is and then put your head down and focus on the small steps that LEAD to your ultimate goal.


I’m overjoyed that I have this business and my clients because these past couple of weeks have been mentally draining. Being able to have the freedom and flexibility to take care of myself is something that I could’ve never imagined for myself and now I am finally living in my calling!


Hope your goals are going well! Tell me below: what goals have you hit this week?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

6 thoughts on “My $1000 Week”

  1. I’m so curious now. What are your businesses an what kind of clients did you attract from social media in your $1k week. Did this $1k week happen during your 30 day challenge to post something everyday for 30 days? Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m a photographer + social media manager. I consistently attract the same type of person. The $1K happened during the challenge but was pretty unrelated! Honestly my $1K week is a result of the work I have been doing over the last 4 months!

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