130. 2 tips for the multi-passionate entrepreneur

2 tips for the multi-passionate entrepreneur

Hey, boo, hey! Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur? It is hard to niche down if you are. You have all of these ideas and you want to do all the things. 

As you may know, I am not a fan of niching down because I believe in spiritual gifts (if you haven’t taken a spiritual gift test, take the one linked below). It’s important to know what the gift is that God has equipped us with and I feel like God equipped us with these gifts for us to use. 

I was chatting with my biz bestie a while back and she explained that for some people (multi-passionate entrepreneurs), YOU are the niche. So, I am the niche. You guys are part of my niche. If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I want you to say this about yourself. YOU are the niche. You don’t have to be someone else or put yourself in a box just because everybody else says that you should.

So, here are my two tips for you as a multi-passionate entrepreneur…

1. You can do ALL the things…just not at once.

You truly can do everything. Make a list and do all of the things on that list, but not at one time. I personally have 3 different companies, but I don’t do them at once. If you have multiple different types of offers or different types of businesses, I always say prioritize, don’t delete. So prioritize a certain part of your business, but that does’t mean that you’re deleting the others. 

You can make a course, do in-person classes, host events, start a podcast…but which one are you going to do first? Let’s prioritize that one thing and get it to what I call the point of sustainability. Prioritize, don’t delete.

2. Don’t be afraid to combine your passions. 

You can actually integrate all of those. Combine your passions. They may seem like random things to a random person, but it all makes up who you are and it gives you that unique angel that nobody else has. I feel like sometimes people don’t realize that as a multi-passionate entrepreneur that you’re actually creating more opportunities for people to relate and connect with you by really allowing yourself to pursue all of your different passions. As long as you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, don’t be afraid to integrate everything. That doesn’t make you any less multi-passionate. 

If you’re struggling with being a multi-passionate entrepreneur or if you’re struggling with having all these different gifts and passions, I want to encourage you with these two tips. 

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  • Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur
  • Doing all the things…just not at once
  • Combining your passions



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