SHOW NOTES: Overcoming Money Objections

Hey my boos! Today I wanted to chat with you about overcoming money objections. Quite honestly, my stance on overcoming money objections is, I don’t.  I used to try to convince people to buy my services and change prices to accommodate people but one thing I have learned that it is not my job to overcome the money objections. If I have to convince someone to join then I have to convince them to stay and show up and do the work.

I also want when someone buys my services for it not to break them. I will never tell you to take out a credit card to afford my services. That is not my position or how I want to run my business. It is important to me to be super transparent upfront about the prices of my services. My prices are listed on my website and I don’t receive a ton of money objections. By hiding the price, you set yourself up for money objections. 

Not only should we be transparent about the price, we should be transparent about the value and transformation that you can provide to the potential client. You want to be clear on what that potential client can expect from working with you.

With that said, there is a difference between a money objection and the potential client asking for clarity. I will always take the time to answer additional questions if I see someone is torn between two offers and they aren’t clear on the tangible results of each one. I will take the time to answer those clarifying questions for a potential client. 

Sometimes people will blame money when they are afraid or they don’t trust you. Give the price. Explain the ROI. Release. Our job as CEOs is to detach ourselves from the outcome and just do the activity. It is our job to present the information and present the offer and let the potential client make decisions on how to spend their money, but not to overcome the money objection.

Remember CEOs, there is someone out there ready to pay and ready to be your next client! 

Be sure to tune in to hear all of the tips that I have for you about overcoming money objections!


  • Overcoming money objections
  • Being transparent on your prices and your value
  • Money objections vs. clarifying questions



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