SHOW NOTES: Episode 110 – Instagram no longer a photo sharing app

Instagram made a big announcement recently that they are no longer just a photo sharing app so I’m chatting with you today about that! I share the four tips on navigating this news:

  • Don’t panic!
    • You don’t have to change your strategy. Your content is being seen by those who want to see it.
  • Diversify your marketing.
    • Look at where you can show up somewhere else. How can you diversify your marketing?
  • Build your email list (or start a text list).
    • Generate leads and then move them to email or text. You will have your own platform where you can connect and communicate with your audience.
  • Start getting comfortable on video.
    • Go live once a week or pre-record videos so that your audience gets used to seeing you.

Above all else, don’t let this announcement stress you. There are so many ways to market your business!

Be sure to tune in to this week’s episode to get all of the details of these four tips I share with you.


  • Instagram no longer just a photo sharing app announcement
  • Four tips on navigating this news
  • Tips on marketing your business


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  • Be sure to check out episode 109 where I share how to create content for your ideal client.


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Every week your host Kay Hillman is going to share tips and tricks about social media marketing, mindset, and sales strategy. You’ll learn how to start, grow, and scale a service based or coaching business – God’s way.

From how to create a solid foundation for starting your business to how to strategically plan the next 6-months of marketing for your business – we will cover all things marketing, attracting more clients, converting sales and more.

Sis, it’s time for you to up-level your mindset, marketing, and sales.

In this space we show up as our authentic selves – that means embrace being part of a community where we are low-key ratchet and high-key saved – OKAY!!!

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