Seasons of business (rest vs hustle)

Today’s episode is about how hustle and rest in our business is seasonal. I’ve been on a crazy rollercoaster in my marketing strategy and I think that many of us can relate to feeling like you have to do “all the things” be successful.

While hustle is important, it’s supposed to be only for a season. You can hustle yourself broke. Broke mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Long term hustle is a result of scarcity and lack of trust of God’s plan for our life.

There are seasons of hustle and seasons of rest in business.

Here’s the difference in the seasons….

Hustle season = productivity/launching and activity/creation

Rest season = flow and reflection, open to receiving and inspiration

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It’s important to be intentional about creating a season of rest so you can have a rotation versus staying in hustle mode.

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