How to use collaborations to grow your audience and business

Collaborations allow you to get in front of a new audience and gives you INSTANT credibility. Doing collaborations also allows you to get in front of high quality leads (if you collaborate with the right people). 

You want to make sure you have a free offer that you can point people to during your collaboration. Speaking of free offers – 

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My favorite method of collaboration is podcast pitching (also now clubhouse is also a great platform to collaborate on).

Other collab ideas: 

  1. G/FB Lives
  2. IG story take overs
  3. Paying for sponsored posts 
  4. Trainings inside of other people’s programs 

Collaboration etiquette – make sure if YOU are pitching, you come to the table with the idea of how you can add value to them and their audience. 

Also, engage with the audience of the people that you are planning to collaborate with. It just builds community and rapport with this new audience that you want to get in front of. 

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