How to Prepare for Maternity Leave as a CEO

Welp… cats out the bag. I’ve had my second child. I’m currently pregnant as of this recording but once it’s live I should’ve had my sweet little one. So I’ma mom of two shawty!

When I had King I only took 2 weeks off and got right back to work. I found the newborn phase with him super boring so it was easy for me to get back in the game but in hindsight it was super exhausting.

This time around I have been more proactive in planning for a real maternity leave and giving myself grace as I raise my toddler alongside a newborn.

Grab my Guide to help you plan for maternity leave/sabbatical/vacation!

So here’s my take on How to Prepare for Maternity Leave as a CEO (or a sabbatical/vacation):

Decide how much time do you want to take off

As entrepreneurs we got into this for time freedom, family comes first so determine how much time you want off from the beginning. This is something you can be planning for at the beginning of the year (or as soon as you find out you’re preggo).

I really wanted at least 8 weeks and then to ease myself back into work, so my maternity leave will be a full 8 weeks and when I come back in May I’ll be part time. June will be my first month “full time.”

As y’all know I pretty much work part time, so in May I’m hoping to only do 4-8 hours of work each week to ease back in and really amp it up in June.

Make sure you write the dates down and put it where you can see so you can be really intentional about taking this time off.

Look at your budget

What do you need to cover your bills and overhead?

  • Map out a detailed budget
  • Project the income I could expect to make during my leave (especially if I don’t promote or make a single dollar while on leave)
  • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Ultimately I was looking to see how things would look with lean finances.

Create a plan to get ahead financially 

Create a savings goal and start paying down bills early.

I did this so I wouldn’t have to worry about it if my income dipped during maternity leave (which I project that it will because I’m not launching anything). I didn’t want to worry or stress about finances or be coming back to a business that was completely struggling.

Let your clients know

Communicate with your clients so they know you will be taking time off. Discuss with them:

  • how much access will they have to you,
  • what systems do you have in place for them

I told my clients 4 months before my maternity leave and the amount of access they would have to me. We created a plan that worked for them and their business, it also gave them a chance to not re-sign contracts if they didn’t want to work with my team.

Hire an assistant

There’s been nothing better in the world for me than having my VA. I recommend hiring an assistant well before your break that way you can build and train them. This will allow you to feel confident in their ability to support your business while you’re less active.

I recommend still setting check in points with them while on break especially if it’s longer than 2 weeks.

Batch content and get ahead of marketing and launches

Think about your marketing and launch calendar and start executing on content and assets you need so things still get done and your business sustains itself while you are OOO (out of office).

I have a launch in May coming up so I knew I needed to get ahead of all the plans for it.

I use Asana to plan out my content schedule in advance. I have all my weekly content which is the podcast, youtube (almost done lol), and email newsletter created and scheduled through May.

We also created a plan (with my assistant) to help repurpose content so we can continue to market the business while I’m out.

That’s all!

That’s how I prepared for maternity leave and its also how I have planned to take a month off of my business and I do a similar thing when I just take a vacation.

Grab my planner to help you plan your next maternity leave, sabbatical, or vacation from your business.


  • How to prepare for maternity leave as a CEO
  • How to take a break from your business



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