How to Manifest a $10K month (without a major launch)

When it comes to manifesting things – I know that I need to ask God for what I want specifically and then watch things unfold. Today I’m going to share how I got into alignment and how I manifest a $10K month without a major launch.

My income yo-yo’s a lot – which is normal because when you’re in a launch or at max capacity with clients you’ll make more money than when there’s no launch and you aren’t fully booked.

I knew that I wanted to start making $10K months without having to always be in launch mode so I decided to pray and manifest it.

I know it can sound a little crazy to pray for a certain amount of money but I base everything on my intentions.

My intentions behind making $10K/mo are:

  • to be able to tithe and offer in excess,
  • hire other amazing women,
  • invest in coaching,
  • support my family, and
  • to support others in my community. I love buying things from you guys for example I recently bought candles from themindvibeco by Ki inside the group and her candles are the bomb! Check her out on ig at themindvibeco

To manifest $10K or any amount of money is to check your intentions. 

  • Why do you want this money?
  • What does this mean to you?
  • What do you plan to do with this money?
So here is exactly what I did to manifest a $10K month without launching. 

1. I created a screensaver for my phone that said $10K/mo and attached a photo of King. 

King is my why. I have a luxury baby and I dont feel bad about it. So its important to me to make sure he has everything he needs and to give him the things he wants within reason. I was blessed as a child and I want to continue that so when I see my screen light up with my baby pic and my goal – it lights a fire under me to put actions to my faith which leads me to thing 2.

2. I prayed – a lot and surrendered the how

During this time I was required to surrender knowing exactly how things would happen and instead I focused on taking action from a place of obedience. 

During the month people would randomly cross my path and I would just be genuine and build relationships with no expectations. In doing this I landed a mid 4-figure client.

3. I celebrated every single sale

Whether it was $9 ebook or a 4 figure client. Every dollar was celebrated.

4. Spirit of gratitude 

There was about 5 days where I didn’t make a single sale and I thought to myself looks like I won’t be hitting my money goal this month but I was grateful for this business that I was able to create that allowed me to be with my son 24/7/365. Grateful for the impact I was able to make.

5. Surrounded myself with people who were at a higher wavelength.

I only had space for people who were high vibe and good energy. I went a whole month with no negativity. 

6. Asked people who had made the money I wanted to make – how it felt and how their energy was so that I could match that vibration.

Each person mentioned gratitude. That became my daily focus and I focused on raising my energy to the level of a CEO that makes $10K with out launching anything.

7. Recognized that the only thing separating yesterday Kay from where I want to be is my mindset.

So I focused on feeding my inner self positivity, love, and grace. I was kind to myself and got rid of all my negative self talk and doubt. I guarded my mind and focused on the abundance and blessings that God has for me.

Did any of these tips resonate with you? Have you ever manifested any amount of money? Share it with us in the comments below!

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xoxo, Kay

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