How to Make Being Consistent Easy

I constantly talk about consistency being the key to my success as an entrepreneur and that’s never going to change.


Currently, I am challenging myself to write a blog post Monday-Friday this month and I have to admit that it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.


Even though its not naturally easy to be consistent, I have come up with a few ways to make being consistent easy.


1. Be clear on my goal and what it will do for me

It’s not enough to have a goal. We have to attach a feeling or result to it. For example:

I want to lose 20 pounds




I want to lose 20 pounds so I can fit into my favorite dress and have more energy to do the things I love.


The second goal tells me what I want to do and why I want to do it. By having this clarity, I am able to push myself to be consistent on days I’m not feeling it.


2. Break everything down into small steps

The hardest part about being consistent is not knowing what you need to do.


People always talk about consistency but you never truly know what you have to consistently do. This is why, I break down whatever it is I want to do and figure out which steps have to be consistently done and how frequently I need to do it.


3. Automate

Last but not least, I believe in automation. I love doing things in advance and scheduling what I need to do so I can stress less.


I wish I would have bulk created with this blogging challenge so I wouldn’t have to write daily!


Figuring out a way to automate your processes (schedule posts, bulk create, etc) this will help you be consistent no matter what you have going on in your personal life.


Hope these 3 tips can help you be more consistent. What are some tips you use to be consistent?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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