How to Finish 2018 Strong

So, I am coming down off yesterday’s high (read the blog post here) and this morning I woke up and saw my Instagram hit 10K followers!

Anyway, today I wanted to share a few tips on how to finish 2018 strong!

1. Evaluate

The first step is to evaluate where you are.

Take a honest look at your 2018 goals and take inventory of where you are with them.

What goals are no longer relevant? How close are you to achieving these goals? Which goals are you closest to achieving? Are there any goals that you are on track with?

Once you know where you stand with your goals you can….

2. Focus on What’s Important

Pick 1-2 goals that you want to achieve before the year is over and FOCUS!

There are still a few months left in 2018 and there is no reason why you can’t accomplish a couple more goals on your vision board before the year is over!

This isn’t the end. Look at your goals, and pick 2 (no more than 3) that you can put concentrated effort into and WERK!

3. Clean Up

Get your space clear. Where do you work or where will you be working on this goal? Clean up that area!

A clean space will make you feel refreshed and ready to get into whatever task you have to do.

4. Create a Plan

Now that you know which 2 goals you will focus on for the rest of the quarter, create an action plan.

Write out all the steps it will take to reach your goal.

5. Act with NO EXCUSES

Now, it’s time to do the work! You evaluated where you are, you focused on 2 goals, your space is clear, and you have an action plan. The only thing left to do is, execute with no excuses!

Let’s finish 2018 strong! What 2 goals are you going to focus on for the rest of the year?

xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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