How to Find Creative Inspiration

Sometimes, you just feel stuck and uninspired!


Lately I have had days where I am lacking inspiration and I just want to give up.


Here are 3 things I do everyday to keep my creative juices flowing.


1. Go for a walk with Benzi

I’m going to do a blog post about my puppy one day so you guys can truly understand why he means the world to me. The time we have together going for a walk allows me to get out from behind a screen and be in tune with nature.


You would be amazed at how a simple 10 minute walk outside can clear your head and give you some inspiration.


2. Read the Bible

Ok, so I may not do this EVERYDAY but on the days I do read I am way more productive and I create more.


I truly think it’s God’s way of telling me, “Good job and keep pushing. I gave you these gifts for a reason. It was nice talking to you today.”


3. Do a Headstand

Yep, you read that right. I like to stand on my head. I’ll flip over in a heartbeat.


Did you know that headstands are good for blood flow?


Well, it is and it’s also good for inspiration. Honestly, I think it just helps you have a change of perception.


The way I find inspiration is by literally changing my scenery and perspective. There’s a time and place for sulking and watching Netflix when you lack inspiration but when you’re ready to be a big girl try these three things above (especially number 3).


What do you do when you need some inspiration?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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