How to create an in demand business with Saba, The In Demand VA

In today’s episode I’m chatting with Saba, The In Demand VA, about how she went from traveling the world to full time and booked out VA. 

We chat about how the 2020 pandemic caused her to pivot and get serious about her business.  

Listen for these quotes:

  • “I decided I’m going to make this year work for me, and I did.”
  • Her number one tip – “Getting organized and having a plan for the day”
  • Her number 2 tip – “Being protective of my time”

About Saba:

Saba is world traveler dedicated to showing us how to travel the world on a budget. Saba uses her many skills and talents to create her virtual assistant business and now she teaches others how to become highly in demand and sought after VAs. Her training program is THE BEST program for new and growing VAs. 

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