How to be consistent - especially when you don't want to

How To Be Consistent – Especially When You Don’t Want To

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How can you be consistent in your business?

Ready for some honesty?

Just do it!

I’m kidding, but not really.

Consistency in your business is so important, and I have five things I do that help me stay on track. Read on to find out what they are!

1. Get a strategy!

You need a strategy or plan of action.

Answer these questions and you will be able to create your strategy or plan of action easily:

  • What are your goals?
  • What is your plan to reach your goals?
  • What is your focus?

2. Get ahead.

Learn the art of batching!

What can be done in advance?

My podcast was 3 months ahead at one point so I could stay consistent.

When it comes to client work, can you batch calls on the same day? Are there similar tasks you can do together?

For example, my editing process is batch and so is my engagement process.

This allows me to get ahead and stay ahead.

3. Learn to prioritize.

I keep a running list of everything I need to do and sort it by today, this week, this month, this quarter.

This helps me know where to focus.

When you have a clear focus for your day it is easier to create content and stick to your goals.

Furthermore, I ask myself daily what needs my attention immediately: clients, content, or company?

Then, I put out the first fire until completion

4. Finish your tasks.

So often we start things and don’t finish them, which leads us to being inconsistent.

If you say you’re going to get ahead of your content for two weeks…actually DO ALL the content. Don’t just stop after 1 week is done because then you’ll constantly have content creation looming over your head.

5. Give yourself grace.

You’re going to fall off.

That’s ok.

You can always start over and get back on track.


If you just can’t seem to be consistent in your business, I want you to try using my five tips above and see if they make a difference. They work for me!


  • How I stay consistent in my business, and how you can do it too.



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