I Paid Off $1500 in 3 Months – Quarter 1 Update

I am excited about April because this marks the end of Quarter 1 of my 2018 GET OUT OF DEBT PLAN! 

I bet you are wondering how I am doing? Or maybe you are wondering “why is she sharing this?”

If you are in the last group let me fill you in….

I have roughly $8k in credit card debt.

My total debt is more than $8k, but right now I am focusing on paying off my credit cards. I think that it is important to share my financial journey with others in hopes that you can avoid the mistakes I have made or have a framework for how you can also get out of debt. 

So far, I have paid off two of my four credit cards and a total debt of $1500 is PAID! I am really excited because based on the plan I set for myself I am finishing earlier than I thought.

Whew! It feels good to be getting out of debt!

Currently I pay $300 a month towards my credit cards. I pay the minimum amounts on all my cards except for the one with the LOWEST balance. On the card with the lowest balance, any extra money I have goes to that. For example, my minimum payment on one card is $102 on my other card I pay the difference of $300-$102 = $198. I explain this better in the Youtube video. 

This has been what has allowed me to pay off my first two cards so fast!

I am bit nervous about quarter 2 because I no longer have a “steady” (whatever that means) income. I hope to stay on track with my debt payoff, but right now I just need to stay afloat.

As far as Quarter 2 is concerned, I hope to pay off roughly another $900 in debt.

Leave me a comment if you are paying off any debt this year and what your goals are. Let’s be accountability partners!


xoxo, Kay

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