How I Manifested $1000 in 8 Days

A couple of months ago I decided to start practicing manifestation. Especially for my finances and I am super excited to share how my journey has gone so far!


I am obsessed with Kathrin Zenkina founder of Manifestation Babe! She reminds me so much of myself! Both of us science nerds turn entrepreneurs. 


Anyway, I want to get to the point.


My original goal was to manifest $1000 in 21 days, instead…


I manifested $1000 in 8 days!


To separate manifested money from income, I decided that any money that I received that was in ADDITION to my scheduled income would count of manifested money!


Chileeee… these things happened so randomly, I wouldn’t have been able to plan how I got this money even if I tried.


So, how did I manifest $1000 in 8 days?


On October 3rd, my first $250 came from an invoice for a branded photoshoot that I didn’t expect to be paid.


I had a conversation with this woman via Instagram DM but her messages seemed pretty spamy. I sent the invoice and thought that would stop her from engaging with me further.


1 hour later I was working on Kathrin Zenkina’s book “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” and when I finished the assignment for that day, my email pinged and the shoot was PAID IN FULL!


I STILL can’t believe it happened this fast!


The next $300 was also photography related and manifested itself on October 4th.


Last month, I photographed a birthday party and I was sooooo self-conscious about the images I delivered because I had never done an event before in this location and honestly was not sure what to expect.

I never heard back about the images but out of nowhere I received a request from the birthday boy who referred me to his brother who booked me after ONE 3-minute conversation.


I then received $100 because the client above wanted me to shoot another event for him at the last minute on October 5th!


The above client reached out to me the next day because he was having a pre-party for his birthday and wanted me to photograph the event.


On October 9th, I received $150 from a client I JUST photographed the day before!


She hadn’t even received her images yet and she booked me for her next photoshoot. Wow!


Lastly, I received $300 for a wedding deposit from a girl I went to college with on October 9th!

The crazy thing about this is that I hadn’t heard from her in years and out of nowhere she reached out to work with me and she was CERTAIN she wanted to work with me!


My goal was to manifest $1000 in 21 days but I cut it by nearly 2 weeks!


The biggest thing I did to manifest this $1000 was BELIEVE I already had it.


Something I always say is that I am a millionaire. I am super freaking stupid filthy rich.


I love money and money loves me.


This has been my thought process for the last few months and now I really believe it.


Money flows to me.


Something else I started doing when I first set out to manifest $1000 in 21 days was journaling.


I began to journal what I want my life to look like. I write in my journal as if things are presently happening.


For example:


Instead of saying: My goal is to have a six-figure launch.

What I write: I am so grateful that I have had my first successful six-figure launch.


In my journal I talk about things as if they have already happened or are currently happening.


I am now a believer in manifestation! I haven’t decided what I want to manifest next but I’ll definitely keep you posted!


Do you practice manifestation?


xooxox Kay

xoxo, Kay

10 thoughts on “How I Manifested $1000 in 8 Days”

  1. ive done all you did in the past but nothing worked. i think i will discipline myself to actually do it for 21 days consistently and then report on my progress. i’m going to buy a journal today! thanks for sharing 🙂
    -Black Women Who Blog 🙂

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