Goal: $10,000 Per Month

So… if you read the title then you know what the deal is.

I am officially pushing myself to make $10,000 per month…. Starting April 2019!

Yep, you read that correctly. In 2 short months I want to start making $10K per month. Can this be done in such a short time frame? Maybe.

Here’s my strategy to reach my first $10K month:

💵 Create a monthly theme and break down the topic!

💵 #ContentCreation like a BOSS – I create ebooks, courses, social media posts, blog posts, podcast episodes, and YouTube videos to attract my ideal audience. I know what she likes, wants, and needs!

💵 Post on social media every day all day and connect with my audience. Always be closing with call to actions to get more website traffic and consult calls!

💵 Emails that convert! I’m writing weekly emails that give value and convert lurkers into paying customers. It’s all about giving value first and then asking for the sale!

💵 Events! My events will be networking and learning opportunities to help other women become six-figure business owners

💵 Cold email companies (decision makers) on offering my social media management services each week!

💵 Products (coming soon)

So, this strategy may seem pretty vague but the point is that I plan to take ACTION to achieve my goal. I’ve never attempted this large of a goal but I am excited about the journey! I’ll check in on this one in May!

Also, the purpose of this goal is to push myself outside my comfort zone. It’s less about the goal and more about the things I will learn about myself and my business as I journey to reach it!

What’s your big scary goal? Maybe you haven’t said it out loud but you can share it with me!

xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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