Getting My Lashes Done for the First Time

Hey boo hey!


So unfortunately I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I would, but I wanted to share about my lash experience!


On Tuesday I got my lashes done by @kamayadaplug !


When I say I had an amazing experience… that’s an understatement!


First off, Kamaya was very nice and super educated about lashes. She spoke to me every step of the way about what she was doing and why.


We started off with a lash cleanse. She told me what was in it but all I remember is baby shampoo!


After she cleaned my lashes she taped my eyes up.

That was definitely the most interesting feeling ever. It doesn’t hurt but it is pretty annoying not being able to open my eyes!


Your eyes are taped up to keep your bottom lashes from touching the glue on the top lashes. I only got top lashes and apparently it really hurts if your top and bottom lashes are glued together.


Once I was taped up. It took roughly 1.25 hours to add the lashes!


I got regular individual lashes, with this Kamaya literally places one false lash on top of one of my natural lashes. When you get this done if you only have ten natural lashes then you will only get 10 false lashes.


Overall I didn’t feel a thing while she was doing my lashes.


Kamaya was very friendly and we talked about business and power moves the entire time, which is right up my alley!


When I finally opened my eyes… chileeee I was feeling myself!

Lashes Baby!

No Description

Kamaya gave me a lash brush and instructions.


When you first get lashes you should not get them wet for the first 48 hours, you should also brush them daily.


Now that it has been a few days, I honestly love wearing lashes!


Kamaya gave me the perfect length for my glasses and they haven’t been causing me any problems. I will say, it takes some getting used to and a couple of the lashes poked me in the eye but overall… I’m slaying the game with these bad babies!


Do you wear lashes?


If you’re in the Atlanta area and you need your lashes done check out @kamayadaplug!


xoxoox Kay

xoxo, Kay

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