Does your biz model support the life you really want?

Does your current business model, your current offers, and your current product suite support the life that you really want? Do your offers align and support the life that you truly want?

I have sold courses, digital products, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, memberships, VIP days, provided services. I have done it all except actually physically selling a product. One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that you can make a lot of money with any of these offers but not every offer is going to be sustainable for you and your business. Certain offers just don’t align and support the life that you truly want. 

Where do you want to be in 1 year? 3 years? 10 years?

I want you to really think about your life and your business. A lot of times when we’re setting goals, we just set business goals without thinking about the impact that those goals will have on our life. Sometimes we don’t think of the sacrifices we will have to make when we set these goals.

When you figure out where you want to be in the next year, 3 years, and 10 years, then I want you to look at your current products and ask yourself, “does what I offer today align with where I want to be tomorrow?” 

We often create digital products thinking it is going to be passive income but you still have to market it, you still have to sell it, and you still have to show up and provide customer service. We think this is where we are going to get our passive income not realizing how much time and energy we still have to put into it. You launch the product and if it does’t go according to your plans or ideas, you get discouraged. But, it really was just not in alignment with what you want for your life or your business.

Sometimes we find ourselves jumping into one-on-one coaching. The thing is a lot of people don’t realize that one-on-one coaching is it can be draining of your energy and your time. It may not align with where you want to be.

Others create group programs. You transition from providing a service to a group program but then maybe the times that you can schedule group calls is during family time so you’re rushing through family time in order to get to these group calls. Is this in alignment with what you want your life to look like?

So often we provide these different programs, offers, or services and they are just not in alignment with what we want for ourselves, our family, or our businesses and you can find yourself getting burnt out, overwhelmed, having a hard time selling and that’s because it’s truly not in alignment with what we want for our life. It doesn’t support the life that we truly want.

I want to encourage you…

I want to encourage you to let go of what everyone says about what kind of products you should have and I want you to really sit down and think, “what do I want for my life and for my business?” There are so many ways to make money in our businesses so we don’t have limit ourselves to whatever ideas other people are saying to do. 

What is your thing? Think of what excites you most. What can you see yourself doing years from now? That’s what I want you to focus on. What is the point of a six figure business if you can’t have the life that you really want?

Being the CEO of your business means running your business how it makes sense for you and your life. Tune in to this episode to hear more about choosing the offers that support the life and business that you want!


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  • Goals for next 1-10 years
  • The offers you may have that don’t align with how you want your life to look
  • Letting go of what others are saying to do 
  • Creating the life and business that you want


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