A Day in the Life of An Entrepreneur – Office Day

My photographer bae, Octavia, did a blog post called “A Day in the Life of Me” and I thought it was such a cool idea so I wanted to share my day!


So today I am sharing my version of “A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur – Office Edition” because honestly everyday looks different for me depending on if it’s an “office day,” “photoshoot day,” “social day,” or a “mixed day.”


For starters… I’m not a morning person.


7:00AM: Yell at Tae for not turning off his alarm when he knows good and well he won’t wake up this early.


7:30AM: Glare at Tae for getting out of bed all extra.


9:30AM: Wake up because Octavia (photographer bae) has called me. I don’t usually answer the wake up call. Check to-do list.


Insert Morning Routine Here


10AM: Eat cereal (but not this month because Tae and I made a bet) + check my social media accounts and my clients social media accounts. This is basically my “news” segment.


10:30AM: Read email subject lines and delete junk emails. I only read emails that have to be read (from clients or other sources). I save my email newsletters and educational emails for later in the day.


10:45AM: Client calls or record and edit podcast episodes. This is also the time that I check in with my She’s a Creative Facebook Group and listen to podcasts (if I’m doing a routine task).


11:45AM: Dance break with Benzi


12:15PM: Pilates class


Real Work Starts in the Afternoon for Me


1:30PM: First I check my email or take a client meeting (by phone or video chat) and then I work on social media for my clients. I tend to work ahead for the week and if possible I work on the next week. If I am not working on my client’s social media then I am editing pictures or conducting client meetings. 


3:30PM: Create social media posts for my brands: The Social Savvy Co, She’s a Creative, Moments with MK, and Mrs.KayHillman (I do these in real time but sometimes I’ll look through pictures I may want to use).


4:00PM: Write blog posts for my brands. I spend quite a bit of time writing blog posts. I usually work on a rough outline at this time and then later on at night I edit and post!


5:00PM: Take Benzi out and CONSIDER cooking dinner. This is also the time I spend with Tae watching trash television and eating dinner.


7:00PM: Check in with the SAC Facebook Group and glance at my email to reply to any last minute emails. This is the last time I will respond to emails for the day so I make sure I read through any new emails to see if anyone needs a response before my “day” is over. I also use this time to finish up client work. I have 5 social media clients and 4 brands to run so social media work lasts all day (and sometimes all night)


9:00PM: Take Benzi out and call Octavia. We check in on our progress for the day. By this time I have finished all the client work I am going to do except when I have photoshoots to edit.


9:30PM: Journaling and meditation


10:00PM: Edit and schedule blog posts for each of my brands. I usually fall behind and end up posting the night before but I am creating a schedule so I can have posts in bulk scheduled!


11:00PM: Read emails that I did not read earlier in the day. These emails that I have left allow me to catch up on social media and digital marketing news. I’ll also check to see if my clients have sent me a late night email. I won’t respond to their emails after 6 or 7PM but I always read them and mark them as unread if it needs a response the next day. If I can work on their concern without having to respond to the email at that moment then I will.


11:30PM: Edit pictures while listening to podcasts. I usually only edit one set of images at a time because editing can get a little boring for me.


12:30PM: Create a to-do list for tomorrow. This is crucial and I usually have already begun writing this list throughout the day but I like to create a final list each night!


1:00AM: Anything I want to do last minute.


2:00AM: Sleep


As you can see, I work quite a bit but honestly this only happens when I don’t have photoshoots or don’t have to leave my city. I usually only have “office days” like this 1-2 days per week. Any other day my schedule looks much different!


This also doesn’t take into account date nights which basically extend from 5PM until the next day!


Honestly, I love my office days I feel so productive after having a day packed with “work” like this! I highly recommend only having a max of 2 office days because more can lead to burnout!


What does your day look like?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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