131. 3 mindset shifts to have consistent 10K months

3 mindset shifts to have consistent 10K months

Are 10K months the dream? I’m here to tell you they should be the absolute minimum. I know what you’re thinking, “What, Kay?!” I want you to get your mindset right so that you can have these consistent 10K months. So today, I’m giving you the 3 mindset shifts that you need in order to hit consistent 10K months. First, make sure you go back and listen to episode 129 on the mindset shifts to hit consistent 5K months because these build off of those.

Mindset shift #1: You already know what to do and how to make money.

I know, I know. “Yeah right, Kay, if I knew how to make money or what do…then where’s the money?” Trust me, I had this exact same thought. In this season, you are probably a quantum leap CEO (Take my seasons of entrepreneurship quiz to find out).

A lot of times when people are consistently trying to make these larger amounts, they think the solution to making more money is trying new things or doing something different, but what you really need to be doing is doubling down on what worked before.

You already have experience and evidence with making money when you’re trying to hit bigger goals. You just need to amplify what it is that you’re doing so that you can see bigger results.

Sometimes having a team or even just having that one person to support you while you’re trying to hit that goal is going to be very helpful. Hiring a coach is super helpful during this time. You need to trust yourself and you need to know that you’ve already succeeded before. Having a coach can help you create the consistency and work through the mindset shifts that you will have when trying to hit these months. Join us in the BecomingCEO Lounge for help with this!

Mindset shift #2: 10K months are the minimum.

Look, I am not saying 10K is not a significant amount of money because it is. What I am saying is that it’s not the ceiling for you and your business. It is possible for you to make 10K consistently (and it’s actually easy to do).

Recognize what you bring to the table and what you have to offer is worth 10K.

Have the confidence about what you do and how you can help someone with a result or transformation. 

What does 10K feel like for you? Does it feel far off and unattainable? Does it feel like a hope and a dream? Like your dream goal? Because with those attitude you’re not going to hit it. You have to shift your thinking into knowing that 10K is the minimum that you deserve. 

Mindset shift #3: You have to get out of your own way to create expansion and receive money.

You have to recognize where you are, your own limiting factors, and have to get out of the way of the progress and growth of you business. 

You can’t act as the bottleneck of your company and expect to hit 10K months consistently. A lot of times we are spending time on those mundane tasks and it’s taking away from income-producing activity. Look at the tasks in your business that you can outsource. You need to be spending your time and energy doing something else.

I really want to encourage you in knowing that whatever your goal, don’t make that your ceiling. That is your minimum. You are worth whatever dollar amount you feel or you desire to have. You don’t have to shy away from your money goals. 

And until next time, I will talk to you later darlin’!

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  • The three mindset shifts that you need to reach consistent 10K months.


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