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From Failure to Breakthrough

This is going to be a long one… A common theme that has come up in my life is that:   Failure is the catalyst to success.   As a science nerd, the idea of a catalyst excites me, although…


Today is Just Off….

So in the spirit of being consistent I just have to be transparent.   Today is just off.   I’m not really in the mood to do anything. I’m tired.   So, today I am writing this post in the…


How I Balance 4 Businesses | How to Stay Organized

A common question creatives ask me is:   How do I stay organized?   I literally SWEAR by my to-do lists and calendar. I use the notes app on my iPhone and Mac and I have a running list of…


How I Deal With My Inner Critic | The Mean Girls

Hey boo hey!   So today I’m talking about a topic that most of us know all too well… your inner critic.   There are plenty of days where I wake up and have negative self-talk. It’s usually completely misguided…


Teach People How to Treat You | Life + Business Wisdom

A few days ago I went live in the She’s a Creative Facebook Group and talked about setting boundaries and teaching people how to treat you as a business owner.   Yesterday on the blog I shared 3 ways to…


How to Stop Letting People Take Advantage of You | 3 Life Hacks

Raise your hand if you are an introvert or a people pleaser.   If you are one (or both) of these things then you know all to well that people take advantage of your kindness and mild (or meek) nature.…


My Travel Bucket List

So I am a bit late with today’s blog post but darling I’m trying! Blogging everyday is no easy feat! Today I wanted to share my Travel Bucket List (and plans that I have).  Kay’s Travel Bucket List (*subject to…


My Ultimate Money Goal (at the moment)

Today I want to chat about my finances. I am a fairly frugal person, but I have quite a bit of debt thanks to not knowing any better in college. Now I am paying for those financial mistakes! Anyway, as…


4 Articles You Should Read to Boost Your Online Marketing and Social Media Strategy

While some bloggers and influencers are focused on their plans for 2019, there is still hope for finishing 2018 strong with proper planning. Now is the time to evaluate and examine where you are as a content creator (or influencer)…


3 Ways to Motivate Yourself – When You’re Just Not Feeling It.

So often I experience moments (days even) of not being in the mood to be productive or participate in society as a fully functioning adult. I’m sure you can relate to just not being in the mood and not feeling…


Busy Holiday Weekend

Hey Darling! For most people, Labor Day Weekend was a time to take a break and hang out with friends and family, but not for me! I had a busy holiday weekend shooting! I can’t wait to share the images on…


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