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Getting My Lashes Done for the First Time

Hey boo hey!   So unfortunately I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I would, but I wanted to share about my lash experience!   On Tuesday I got my lashes done by @kamayadaplug !   When I…


October 2018 Goals

It’s Fall y’all!   I love fall because the weather is super nice and the cool weather signals my birthday! (I start my countdown 2 months before lol)   Anyway, last month was a good month financially but overall my…


September 2018 Goals Recap

Welp… September was pretty tragic. I got quite a bit done but a lot of other stuff… nah fam.   So I am just going to run through the check list and explain when I feel like it! All the…


My Thoughts After Writing a Blog Post Every Weekday for a Month

Whew! Today is the last day of my personal challenge of writing a blog post every weekday for a month.   I am so proud of how this challenge went.   I was consistent and only missed ONE day!  …


My Myers Briggs Results – Personality Test

Something I have been interested in lately is personality types so I decided to do a personality test!   I used 16personalities to take the Myers Briggs test! This platform is so easy to use and offers resources to help…


Trying a Nikon and Why I’ll NEVER Do It Again… Musings of a Newbie

A couple weeks ago, a fellow photographer convinced me that Nikon was the GOAT.   I did some research (thanks Google) and realized that the price of a Nikon was half of Canon with very similar (sometimes better) specs.  …


How to Finish 2018 Strong

So, I am coming down off yesterday’s high (read the blog post here) and this morning I woke up and saw my Instagram hit 10K followers! Anyway, today I wanted to share a few tips on how to finish 2018…


My $1000 Week

Oh My Gahhhhhhhhh!   I have had a rough couple of weeks.   I haven’t been checking in with my goals each week like I usually do.   But today, I finally examined my goals and realized.   I made…


How to Make Being Consistent Easy

I constantly talk about consistency being the key to my success as an entrepreneur and that’s never going to change.   Currently, I am challenging myself to write a blog post Monday-Friday this month and I have to admit that…


How to Find Creative Inspiration

Sometimes, you just feel stuck and uninspired!   Lately I have had days where I am lacking inspiration and I just want to give up.   Here are 3 things I do everyday to keep my creative juices flowing.  …


My Dream Work Day

Today I decided to keep it fun since I’m traveling and I am writing this in my notes on my iPhone!   Here’s what my Dream Work Day would look like (I’m actually closer to this being a reality than…


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