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December 2018 Goals

Wow! It’s officially my birthday month and it’s the last month of 2018 so you KNOW I have to show out!   This month I have a longgg list of goals because I am wrapping up some projects AND setting…


November 2018 Goals Recap

Welp….   November has been a blur! There were so many changes that took place from me taking on new clients, fine-tuning existing contracts, photography gigs, consolidating my businesses and soooo much more!   To be honest I didn’t keep…


The Enneagram Personality Test

Something I love to do is learn more about my personality type and the personalities of those closest to me! These personality tests help me in my relationships but they also help me in my business because I am able…


November 2018 Goals

Whew!   We’re literally in the home stretch of 2018! There’s still time to be great and put in some serious work!   This month I am scaling it back and trying to focus so I can create some crystal…


October 2018 Goals Recap

October came and went before I could blink my eyes!   This month has been insanely busy and full of tiny blessings!   The first thing I want to mention before I jump into my goals is that this month…


10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

So I have to start this off by saying… everyone’s definition of success is different and habits of every successful person are going to be… different!   While there are some things that are common among successful entrepreneurs these are…


My Manifestation Journey (So Far)

**This post is a bit woo-woo and spiritual. If you can’t handle that then don’t read it, but you’re missing out boo.   I’ve been talking a lot lately about manifestation on social media and I recently did a post…


Losing Clients (and How to Overcome It)

I’m not the type of person that only shares my wins and glamorizes my lifestyle.   The truth is that sometimes things don’t work out according to plans.   So today I am sharing my experiences with losing clients.   …


Sistahs in Business Expo – Atlanta Stop

Girl!   I had the AMAZING pleasure of being invited to attend the Sistahs in Business Expo at the Dekalb Conference Center over the weekend!   The vision behind this expo was “Celebrating Entrepreneurial Women of Color” and that is…


How I Manifested $1000 in 8 Days

A couple of months ago I decided to start practicing manifestation. Especially for my finances and I am super excited to share how my journey has gone so far!   I am obsessed with Kathrin Zenkina founder of Manifestation Babe! She…


A Day in the Life of An Entrepreneur – Office Day

My photographer bae, Octavia, did a blog post called “A Day in the Life of Me” and I thought it was such a cool idea so I wanted to share my day!   So today I am sharing my version…


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