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Your Second Trimester To Do List: Weeks 14-27

Congrats on making it to Second Trimester! Second Trimester is usually counted as weeks 14-27 and during this time most mamas experience an increase in energy and we often refer to this time as the “honeymoon phase” because… you feel…


What To Really Expect In The Second Trimester

This is my first pregnancy/motherhood blog post but I am super excited to share what to really expect in the second trimester and especially my experience through second trimester. As of writing this I am 27 weeks but I have…


How to Create the PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business in 2020

Want to just watch the YouTube Video on this? Click here! As a creative, entrepreneur/business owner, or influencer your Instagram bio is the first impression people and companies will have about you and your brand on Instagram. People are reading…


Power of Your Thoughts as a Mompreneur

When you have your first child (or already have several children) you start to see things differently. Your priorities are DIFFERENT! Lately, I have been on a journey of self discovery and purpose. When you first start running your business…


I’m Back! (With News!)

Just popping in here REALLY quick to let you guys know that Kay is back and ready to pick up all my creative outlets! If you’re not following me on FB or IG…. I’M PREGNANT! *cue confetti* I’m officially halfway…


How to Start a Business With No Money

It’s 2019 and everyone is over it and ready to quit their job for the dream life of being a digital nomad and entrepreneur. The problem is that no one knows how to actually start a business. Today I am…


2019 Book List

**Disclaimer: affiliate links are used in this post This year one of my goals was to read 12 books this year. I’m hoping to read more than 12 books but we will see how crazy life gets in 2019. 2019…


Goal: $10,000 Per Month

So… if you read the title then you know what the deal is. I am officially pushing myself to make $10,000 per month…. Starting April 2019! Yep, you read that correctly. In 2 short months I want to start making…


2019 Goals

Girl… I’m just going to cut it to you straight. I am tired and I have been dropping the ball, but that’s what happens in business. Sometimes you lose track and get thrown off but that is why creating goals…


Cabo, Mexico Recap

Cabo, Mexico is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited! This says a lot considering how obsessed I am with island life. I came to Cabo with a powerful group of female entrepreneurs for a business weekend.…


Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Review

Oh. My. Gosh. Words can’t begin to express how excited I am to share my recent trip to Cabo, Mexico on the blog! I haven’t been as active on the blog lately but visiting the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas…


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