The Mompreneur Lifestyle

Hey Darling! Welcome to my small corner of the universe! I’m Kay, a cereal loving photographer, social media maven, business coach, podcaster, blogger and boy mom in Atlanta, Georgia.

I have a huge passion for sharing my faith, helping people reach their goals. Anything dealing with being an entrepreneur (branding, content creating, finances, etc) is my THANG!

This blog will be a space for me to share my journey into motherhood. I’ll be writing about my lifestyle as a mom and business owner (mompreneur lifestyle).

You can expect: hacks, tips, and tricks that have helped me build my biz and marketing and sales strategies for busy moms who want to start and grow their business. This space will be a resource and community for women – specifically moms to grow their biz and balance mom-life. 

My hope is that this blog encourages you to go for your goals and enjoy every aspect of mom life! I hope you can learn from my experiences and transparency and I pray for all your success!

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