The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand. - Psalm 37:23-24

Build without the Hustle!

Create a business around your life, strengthened by women who "get it"

This program is about doing business smarter so you can have a LIFE. You'll get personalized coaching, strategy, and encouragement from me as your coach & your new biz besties in the mastermind!

Does this sound like you...

let's chat boo...

You need a plan and some friends...

  • Are you ready to have financial stability in your business so you can prioritize your kids, spouse, or ANYBODY else without worrying that you’re business will fall apart?
  • Are you craving community of like-minded mamas or women entrepreneurs who understand and TRANSPARENTLY talk about their struggles in business and how it affects their life?

Bloop! You’re in the right place darling! 


The BecomingCEO Mastermind


Here's what you're getting into

6 months of support

May 2021 – October 2021

Bi-Weekly Group Mastermind Sessions

Monthly Private Coaching Call with Kay

Group Slack Channel to be in community with your biz besties


(lodging, food, activities, and photoshoot included)


(Access to the BCEO Society and a few surprises)


In this space we hold you accountable to doing the work, while speaking life into you when you need it.



As the CEO of 3 businesses and a new mom, I get it. I don’t really have time either. The truth is that this is an investment in your growth and success not only as a business owner but as a woman.

This is your opportunity to prioritize YOU and what you need. I’ve already told you that you need a plan and friends, you have to decide that you are ready to bet on yourself. 

The time you spend masterminding will be time well spent and is the key that will unlock the next level of freedom for you in your business and personally. I challenge you today to not allow being “busy” or “short on time” to be the thing that keeps you stuck. 

Here's what previous mastermind members have said:


I was able to sell my coaching offer at my highest price yet. I was also able to feel comfortable knowing my services are worth a higher price.


Next to the knowledge, the community we built. The ladies and I still meet and talk regularly, I hired one and I talk to them almost every day. They are legit my sisters and I wouldn’t have met them had it not been for the mastermind.




This framework is designed to support CEOs holistically so you can reach you goals and serve.(Each coaching call is based on the needs of the group)



We will discuss our beliefs and what we know God has called us to. From here we will uncover any blocks or limiting beliefs that is getting in our way of fully walking in our calling. This is not limited to just business. When you are having “life issues” it spills into your business so we will uncover and use tools to heal through any money blocks, generational set backs, imposter syndrome and more. This is a time for transparency and honesty with your CEO sisters as we strengthen and encourage your mindset. 



Identifying where you are in your business and who you are supposed to be serving in this season. We will fine tune your product suite and services. 


Easy Strategy

Building a business takes work but it should be enjoyable. We all have lives. Whether you have kids, a 9-5, or other businesses, it’s important to have easy rinse and repeat strategies that you can use to grow your business. This will require a lot of testing and keeping up with the data but once you have a system and a way to troubleshoot your strategy, creating a business you love will be “easy.”


Own your authority

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. – 1 Peter 4:10

Many of us sleep on our gifts because we haven’t truly owned the authority God has given us. Your gift is your secret sauce and where your confidence comes from. We also often find ourselves overwhelmed by the things going on around us and so it’s important to have tools and strategies to tap into when we are struggling with confidently showing up in our sales efforts. The truth is that we serve with our gifts and we sell so we can create a living. When you own your authority you can step into your God-given power with grace and confidence.



I’ve built (and am still growing) three businesses since 2017. I’m a photographer, social media manager, and marketing strategist. 

I used to be all about the hustle but thank God I was shown that there is abundance and blessings in rest and flow. 


It is my mission to encourage you to easily scale for your life so you can live in freedom and abundance. 

You know I like to keep it real and give you all the details so,


Pay in full


One Payment

  • 2, 90 min group calls/month (5 women MAX) 
  • 1, 45 min private zoom call/month with me
  • Group Slack channel for access to me and the other Mastermind ladies
  • Access to the BCEO society and retreat
  • Bonuses
  • 3 hour VIP day



Six Monthly Payments

  • 2, 90 min group calls/month (5 women MAX) 
  • 1, 45 min private zoom call/month with me
  • Group Slack channel for access to me and the other Mastermind ladies
  • Access to the BCEO society and retreat
  • Bonuses



But really... it's priceless

Darling, you are ready for this. We both know that having a community of supportive women is the key to success. We are not meant to do business (or life) alone. It’s ok to lean on others for support, encouragement, and strategy. That’s what you are getting. You are investing in people who are invested in seeing you succeed in business but more importantly in your life (and faith). 

You're right Kay...


Frequently Asked Questions

The mastermind runs from May 2-October 31, 2021.

Calls will be held on Sunday afternoons (after church of course), Tuesday evenings, or Thursday evenings.

We will create a schedule together so that everyone can get on the calls! But you can bet the calls will likely be on Sunday afternoons since many of us are mamas and have a little more support on weekends.

Calls will be roughly 1.5-2 hours and will be bi-weekly. A final schedule will be sent out during our first call on Sunday, May 2.


My heart is set on THREE amazing, God-fearing, purpose driven women of impact. But I am open to accepting 5 powerful women total. 

The most important thing to me is the culture and community of the group. I will not add people to the group who I don’t feel could genuinely be friends.

We are going on a retreat and spending a lot of time together sharing our lives and businesses and this space will be SAFE for everyone inside.

Due to the high touch nature of this program I am not publicly announcing an extended payment plan. That being said, if you have read this far and want to join but you just need a little more wiggle room – I got you boo.

Absolutely! I love masterminds and I find that anyone that has gone through one of my masterminds has had a POWERFUL transformation. 

That being said, there is 0% chance that the price will ever be this low again. So you’re taking a huge risk by not at least applying and talking things through.

Bottom line, I am ALWAYS here for you but I don’t want you to miss out on a great opportunity due to fear of the unknown.

It depends. This program is for women who are making at minimum $3000/mo. 

I don’t want you to be stressed about making payments. If it’s not in the budget this isn’t for you.

HOWEVER, if you are making $3K/month and afraid of the investment then we need to chat about your money blocks. I’m not saying you have to invest with me but when you invest in YOURSELF with a business coach, you up-level. When you surround yourself with a community that’s invested in you – you skyrocket. 

I’ma be honest and say this. I honestly don’t have time to waste.

I don’t create programs for my health. I run 3 businesses and I chase after my 1 year old and hubby. I’m also the oldest of 6 siblings so someone is ALWAYS calling me or vying for my attention. 

That being said, I get it. Time is short. 

This is why all calls are recorded, if you have to leave early you can go first, and there are no course modules for you to watch.

Everything we do is customized to your business. If there is a video I need you to watch it’s only to enhance your experience and not to have you sitting at your computer for hours on end.

The truth is that while this mastermind is a time investment, you get a ROI immediately.

You’re tapped into a community that is here to push you and hold you accountable. Everyone in this group is successful and pushing for more balance and joy in their life. We come together in support of one another and you’ll get personalized support from me in addition to community.