6 Areas of Focus to Sustainably Scale Your Business

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A couple weeks ago I shared the 3 things you need to do to scale your business and in this blog post I want to expand more on that topic by sharing 6 areas to focus on when scaling your business in a sustainable way.

Read on to find out more!

1. CEO Mindset

I feel like I’ve talked about this at length and yet it’s never enough. Your mindset is key to your growth and long term success in business.

It’s so easy to allow life circumstances and perceived failures to take you off track in your business. The first area you want to really focus on improving is your mindset. Identify your long term vision for your business.

It’s going to be scary.

The big picture of your business is supposed to be scary – if it’s not scary, it’s not big enough. It’s this scary feeling that you have to do mindset work around because it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

All kinds of mind drama comes up when you decide to get out of debt, make six figures in your business, quit your job, sell out your group coaching program, fully book out your client roster. Imposter syndrome creeps in. You start to think your clients won’t think you’re doing a good job so you overwork. All this mindset drama is your brain trying to protect you, but it’s also a big lie.

Your beliefs around money are a manifestation of the trauma and your lived experiences. This is why strengthening your mindset as a CEO is so important. Being able to coach yourself and be coached by someone else as you navigate the trying space of being an entrepreneur is arguably the most important area to focus on as you’re scaling your business.

2. Processes and Systems

I went through this at length in episode 156.

When you’re scaling in business you start to see the holes in how your business runs. You start to see what’s inefficient and where YOU are the bottleneck of progress and continued growth.

This is why processes and systems are so important. Having repeatable processes helps to streamline your business and allow you to get the help and support you need to sustain exponential growth.

Your systems will automate your entire business which saves you time, and also helps you create a consistent experience for your clients and team.

3. Optimizing Your Offers and Funnels

As you’re scaling you always want to make sure your offers are optimized (aka the best version of itself) and that your funnel – or the journey from brand awareness to becoming a client and beyond – is seamless.

A funnel doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t need a bunch of opt ins or a 12 part welcome sequence. What you do need to do is create a relationship with every person that comes into contact with your business. You need to have offers that fully support them in getting the results they desire.

Creating a sustainably scaling business requires you to streamline and simplify your business model by: having offers that serve without you trading your time for money.

I teach a very specific income stacking model as well as help you create systems that allow you to automate many parts of your marketing and sales process so you can get your time back while still serving your ideal number of people.

Offer optimization is really looking at what you provide as a service or in a coaching experience, and identifying what’s working, what doesn’t, and removing all the fluff and things that don’t add value.

This is a continuous process, but especially important when you’re scaling because it’s hard to scale when your offers are dependent on your time and your funnel is all over the place.

4. Leadership

You need to be a leader to your team and you need to be a leader in your industry.

These are two aspects that you’ll want to focus on as you’re scaling. Leadership is an important CEO quality and it honestly will make or break your business. As a CEO you need to be able to effectively communicate with, lead your team from a place of empathy, and be able to delegate work and measuring the ROI of their work.

A lot of people think leadership is only for your team, but leadership is also in how you interact with your audience and clients. When you’re scaling you’re likely going to be influencing a lot more people around you and you want to position yourself as a leader. This looks like setting boundaries, having your own thoughts/frameworks/truths, having integrity and being honest and transparent.

Being an industry leader doesn’t mean you have thousands of followers, it just means people trust your authority. This is a serious honor and a heavy burden, which is why focusing on your mindset (which we talked about earlier) is important.

Leadership is something that you’ll always continue growing into, but when scaling it’s important to remember that as the leader you are the one things fall back on and that as a leader you have a responsibility to the people you’re leading, so be an honorable one.

5. Money Momentum

I’ve made this name up, but what I mean is understanding the energy of money on a fundamental level and how it moves through your business.

You need to focus on understanding and creating a plan to predict your revenue and profitability. This may look like raising your prices or adjusting your pricing for profit. It also looks like navigating your money mindset and the ebbs and flows in income while growing and scaling. 

The energy of money is so different when you’re scaling because you’re receiving it at an accelerated rate and oftentimes in large sums. This can be overwhelming especially when you first experience it, which is why when you’re focusing on money momentum you’re focused on how to make more of it without doing more, but also your feelings around making significant amounts of money and how that plays a role in the way you show up in your personal and business relationships.

Money is often a taboo topic. People don’t want to share their numbers (I’ve even talked about why I don’t share my numbers, but in private settings like my Sustainably Scaling Mastermind and other programs I don’t mind talking about money). It’s so important that we are in spaces where money and how it moves is openly shared.

6. Marketing and Sales Mastery

If you’re scaling you probably know how to sell your offers, or you’ve at least had a consistent enough stream to feel comfortable. However, when you’re scaling, your business is likely blowing up without you having to do much. When you’re scaling you want to focus on mastering your marketing and sales because this is the lifeblood of your business (besides serving your clients).

Some things you want to focus on improving are:

  • Booking premium clients at full price. (I love a good payment plan and discount, but honestly as a scaling service provider or coach it’s time to drop the discounts and encourage your clients to pay in full or larger installments so you can take care of your team and expenses while maintaining your cash flow.)
  • Selling out your programs and offers in your launches.
  • Creating a sustainable ecosystem (customer journey) where you train your leads to buy.
  • How to effectively and effortlessly sell your offers in an evergreen way.
  • Clarify your messaging and have confidence in your position as an industry leader.

These are just a few things you want to master when it comes to marketing and sales.


these are the 6 areas of focus to sustainably scale. If any of these resonated with you consider applying for the Sustainably Scaling Mastermind! I’d love to serve you in this space to work through all of these areas.


  • The 6 things you need to focus on if you want to sustainably scale your business.



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