5 ways to include God in your business

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I’m so excited to talk about this. As y’all know I love me some Jesus and honestly I’ve built my business on a lot of Christian principles whether I talk about them publicly or not.

As Christians it can be tough trying to decide how you want to include faith in your business. Do you want to exclusively work with Christians? How often do you talk about God in your content? Should it be on my website?

So many things come up as believers.

What I want to say is that you don’t have to write God In all your copy or use the hashtag #christianentrepreneur or #faithpreneur to include God in your business.

All you have to do is build upon Christian principles in your business.

I recently read the book Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way, with the CEOs inside the BCEO Method and something that came up for me a lot is how much God wants us to prosper and use our gifts and money to glorify and build the Kingdom.

That’s all you gotta do boo, serve others with integrity, grow, and give back.

As Christians we tend to overcomplicate things or on the other end we feel shame or afraid to market ourselves as Christian because we don’t wanna turn people away or we don’t want to feel like we are selling the Bible or selling our faith.

I wanna challenge you to think about your business as an extension of the Kingdom and to know that the work you do and money you get for it is 1. a gift from God but 2. going to be returned to God in some way.

Here are 5 ways you can include God in your business (I’ma share 3 ways to do it privately and 2 ways to do it publicly):

1. Tithe right off the top

This is the easiest and yet hardest way to include God in your business.

When the money is flowing, it’s usually easier to tithe but when you scrounging for clients it can be hard to give up that 10%.

Just know that the 10% you are sowing is an investment of faith and returning what belongs to God back to Him.

Recently I shared how right before maternity leave I STRUGGLED with tithing because I felt like I needed the money, not tithing in our business is disobedience and it shows a lack of trust. God will bring you more clients and you’ll never miss the 10% even in the hard seasons.

2. Pray for your business and clients

I’ve talked about this before somewhere on the podcast but praying for your business and clients is so important.

I pray for alllll my clients (and I got a lot of them with 3 companies). I pray when someone’s payment comes through, I pray for them when they ask me a question.

I keep my clients consistently lifted in prayer and I extend so much grace to them because of it.

I used to have nightmare clients, until I started praying for folks and God revealed to me that I was projecting my own feelings or I wasn’t setting clear enough expectations and boundaries.

I had a client who would text me at all hours and I was STRESSED. I started praying for her and realized that I was the problem because I kept responding. So I set the boundary and wouldn’t text her back but instead I’d send an email during business hours. Eventually she got with the program and she became one of my favorite social media clients.

I’ve also had instances where clients didn’t pay and as hard as that is to experience, it’s even harder being the client who for whatever reason can’t afford it.

Only through prayer have I been able to extend grace to these clients (sometimes I extend the payment plan or we come up with other creative options and other times I let them leave the contract without a penalty – why?

Because God gives me the grace to let that hurt go and to know that there’s always another person coming that will pay in full, honor my time, respect my boundaries, and appreciate what I bring to the table. That is where my confidence is.

3. Take a sabbath.

Aka take a day of rest and truly rest.

God himself worked 6 days and rested one so why not you?

Rest and be intentional about connecting with God during that day of rest.

I have to admit this one is actually a challenge for me because my brain always has an open tab, but I try to be really intentional about having one day a week where I’m 100% off and giving a portion of my time to bible study, worship, listening to a sermon, etc.

You may not always be in a situation where you can take a full day off and that’s ok – an idea that I’ve been playing with is six months on and one month off as my sabbath in my business or six weeks on and one week off.

Whatever works for you in the season you’re in but just being intentional about giving some of your time back to God.

4. Only serve Christians and make it clear in your messaging.

Only serve Christians and make it clear in your messaging.

I’ma be honest, all the woo talk is overwhelming for me as a believer. If a coach or service provider can’t say Jesus or thank God then I personally have a hard time hearing the message and that’s ok.

You can include God by being the support person for the people of God.

There’s a lot of believers who feel the same way. They are looking for someone with Christian principles and who isn’t afraid to say the name of Jesus to work with.

So if you want to be bold with you declaration – use God’s name in your messaging, make it clear that you work with Christians.

Here’s the thing, just because that’s how you brand yourself does not mean you wont attract non-believers. Who knows, maybe hearing your testimony will be the thing that brings them to Christ. Remember, our business can be used for ministry at times.

5. Share your testimony and outwardly give thanks to God.

We live in a very politically correct time where people are afraid to use God’s name because they don’t want to be canceled or seem extreme.

Sharing what God has done for you is a great way to include Him in your business in a bold and clear way.

Everything can be a testimony, from getting a new client to being in business for a year. Everything can stem back to God and you can publicly announce your gratitude.

Often in my stories I thank God for my life and my business. I get people that DM me all the time and they share their testimony and story and it’s a beautiful way to connect with other believers.


So that’s it, 5 ways to include God in your business. Hope it inspired you or gave you some encouragement or something to think about!


  • 5 ways to include God in your business privately and publicly



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