4 step growth & visibility framework for building your business

Today I’m sharing my signature 4 step framework for visibility and business growth. Listen, without sales you don’t have a business.

How do you get sales? By being visible and sharing your offers.

Here’s the 4 step growth & visibility framework for building your business:

BCEO Framework

Here’s the thing, you’ll ebb and flow through all these stages depending on what season you’re in with your business but these are the 4 areas of focus for you as you build and become more visible.


  • Mindset is key boo
  • What do you believe about money, your business and the results you can provide, do you trust God and the plan, do you understand your spiritual gifts? …. and so much more
  • Your mind creates a lot of drama as you grow your business so it’s important to focus on personal development and dig deep into your beliefs around your business as you grow


Here is where you clarify your business structure.

  • What are your goals?
  • Have you fine tuned your messaging?
  • What’s pricing/offers structure look like?
  • Who is your ideal client, and beyond…

Getting crystal clear on what your business structure is like and how your business serves others. But this is beyond the basics, we want to dig deep and understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing and HOW you do it.

How are you changing the lives of the people you want/feel called to serve.


Here is where you DO the things. You go from writing strategy and goals to setting deadlines, knowing what action steps to take and actually DOING it. This is usually where people need accountability and support, it’s easy to talk about doing the work – it’s harder to actually get it done (and know if you’re doing it effectively).

Here is where you focus on lead generation, marketing (content creation, etc), and sales strategy – but specifically actually DOING the tasks to execute those plans.

Owning your authority so you can confidently SELL your expertise

Owning your role as a leader and CEO and living what you teach/preach is important to selling authentically and with confidence.

This step is an extension of execution but the focus is on SALES and conversions. You know, where the money is.

So often we get the other steps, focusing on mindset, constantly clearing up our I help statement, writing out our marketing plans and launch plans but we get stuck and never quite launch the thing, sell the offer, and get clients.

It’s because you’re missing the sales step

In this step you’re focusing on buyer personas (which we’ve talked about types of buyers) and having sales conversations either through calls or DMs.

At some point you have to focus on the selling and doing things that get you sales – you’ll only do this when you’re truly walking in your power and expertise.


These are the 4 areas of focus for growth & visibility as you build your business.


  • 4 step growth & visibility framework for building your business



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