4 Articles You Should Read to Boost Your Online Marketing and Social Media Strategy

While some bloggers and influencers are focused on their plans for 2019, there is still hope for finishing 2018 strong with proper planning.

Now is the time to evaluate and examine where you are as a content creator (or influencer) and take measures to hit your 2018 goals. It’s possible! Fourth quarter is what you make it, being proactive and adjusting is key.

Here are 4 articles you should read to boost your online marketing and social media strategy in Q4.

  1. Most businesses don’t realize the value in having a strong Instagram Bio. Here’s a post that shows you “How to Create the BEST Instagram Bio for your Business in 5 Steps.”
  2. Call to Actions are a must in everything you write as a business. With every piece of content you put out, there should be an action you want people to take. Without action, there is no revenue, get your audience to engage! Click here to read “How to Write an Effective Call to Action.”
  3. Need a crash course on SEO? Read “Learn SEO fast” and get the basics to have a strong SEO strategy!
  4. Check out “7 Steps in Creating a Winning Social Media Strategy.” This is one of my favorite blog posts to check-in with and see if my social media strategy is in line with the current trends on social media.

Good luck with finishing 2018 strong!

xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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