3 Tips to Create a Sustainable Business

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Sustainability in business is: the ability of an organization to thrive over time in a way that protects and replenishes resources.

AKA – doing business in a way that does drain you, doing things in a more aligned way that takes into account your lifestyle, team, and other resources.

This is about creating longevity as a business owner.

In this live replay I’m sharing 3 Tips to Create a Sustainable Business and what sustainability can look like for your business.

Customer first approach

The Customer First Approach is looking at your marketing through the lens of your potential customers and not through your own objectives (more sales, sold out launch, booked and busy).

When you understand your customer journey you’ll know what their real needs are instead of guessing what they need in order to connect with them and help them along the process of being supported by you.

How and where does your ideal client need to connect with you?

What content do they need to see to trust you?

These are Customer First Approach questions that you need to answer so that you can create a strategy that is more sustainable. When you know these answers you’ll be able to be strategic about frequency and what platforms you show up on to connect with your ideal client.

Vision, Mission, and core value marketing

Vision, Mission, and core value marketing are marketing efforts that support and articulate your core values and overall vision for your company.

Do you really value snatching edges or is your core value simply being honest and direct?

How can you articulate this in a way that adds value to your ideal client instead of tearing them down (remember have a customer first approach – tough love vs being mean are two different things).

How are you sharing and living out your core values and vision in your marketing messaging?

Aligned and Transparent Offers

These are offers that truly support your ideal client exactly where they are and integrity in how you sell these offers.

Be careful not to sell folks into offers that they don’t actually need. Put yourself in a position that people speak positively of your brand.

That’s how you create sustainability. When you have dream clients in your containers you’re less likely to be drained or have negativity surrounding your business.

Be genuine and transparent in your marketing (just write the price, it’s not that deep to hide it).

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  • What is a sustainable business?
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