3 time management tips for busy CEOs

Time management is one of those things that causes me a ton of stress but once I was able to create a system and learn how to prioritize my time, things got easier.

Time management looks different depending on your lifestyle.

Maybe you have no kids but a 9-5 or maybe you have kids AND a job. How you manage your time will look drastically different.

Today I’m sharing 3 time management tips for busy CEOs.

Reduce the number of goals you’re working on

Many of us just have too many goals. When you set a to-do list that’s a mile long you’re bound to not get things done. Which throws you into a downward spiral of feeling like you’re not getting things done.

Instead, each quarter set 2-4 goals to focus on and complete.

I know that sounds like a few but when you really think about it, you’re getting a lot done. For example. One of my goals for Q1 was to get ahead of my podcast for the upcoming quarter. That’s 3 months of podcast episodes. From scripting to editing and scheduling as well as promotional content. That can definitely take an entire quarter considering I’m a mom.

The goal is to complete each of your goals until COMPLETION.

Calendar/time blocking

When do you have time to work? am, nap time, pm? Where in your day can you block off an hour or so to get some concentrated work done.

Currently I work my business during naps and nights. It works for me because I enjoy working late at night (I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON) and nap time is usually and hour or two long for me to really get into things.

I recommend scheduling 1-2 tasks during each time block. What is the most important thing for you to do during the time block?

Then I recommend prioritizing bulk creating content (recording a month of podcast episodes, creating content for the next two weeks, client work for the WEEK, etc).

Find your blocks of time and then prioritize tasks that allow you to get ahead.

Hiring help

This gave me my time back. I was able to get help on the more routine tasks or big picture tasks that I just don’t have the capacity for.

Hiring help allowed me more time to serve my clients in both my service businesses while also creating more room and consistency inside my group coaching program.


These are my 3 time management tips for busy CEOs. I want to be clear and say that I’m all about creating harmony between work and life. I don’t want you spending hours working on your business and not enjoying your life. That’s NOT the move! With these tips I hope you’re truly able to get your time back while fully supporting your clients and enjoying your life.


  • 3 time management tips for busy CEOs
  • Creating work/life harmony


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