2019 Goals

Girl… I’m just going to cut it to you straight. I am tired and I have been dropping the ball, but that’s what happens in business. Sometimes you lose track and get thrown off but that is why creating goals is so important!

Even though January is almost over I actually wrote my 2019 goals in December so I could check myself if I need to.

This year I decided to set less goals and really focus on alignment and ACTION (my word for 2019)

So here are my goals:

  1. Do inspired work: I only work when I’m inspired, with people that inspire me, on projects that inspire me.
  2. Make $2500/month
  3. Hire a team member : Just for minor content creation and to hold me accountable.
  4. Host 12 in-person events: Monthly or not
  5. Grow podcast to 50K listens
  6. Grow email list
  7. Create courses, ebooks, and planner
  8. Focus and create alignment
  9. Grow online
  10. Live a healthier lifestyle: drink more water, exercise, and use clean products
  11. Read one book a month
  12. Travel to 3 countries
  13. Pay off a credit card
  14. Deepen my faith
  15. Start journaling

These are my professional and business goals for 2019! What goals do you have for this year? Do you feel aligned and in-tune with them?

It’s almost February and I feel like I am right on track with my goals.

I believe that instead of setting different goals each month, I am going to start setting intentions and picking 1-2 goals above to focus on and then check in.

We will see. I change my mind so much so bare with me. 2019 is going to be a journey and I’m happy you have decided to follow along with mine!

xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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